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Are you looking for a healthy way of eating with low-carb mealz? Then look no further than Easy Mealz! Our 8-week low-carb menu is perfect for those looking to limit their carb intake. Every meal is made using fresh and wholesome ingredients, so you can be sure that the mealz are not just nutritious but also delicious!


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Nutricionist and Support Team

Roger Mais

Great service, excellent customer care.. and above all, great tasting meals … I am a very very happy customer … Keep it up EasyMealz!

a months ago
Gareth Havard

The meals are a decent size and very tasty, gives me plenty of variety of meals without food waste, actually may increase to more meals a week and have all 7 days covered for lunch and dinners. Also, delivery is convenient, they keep you up to date and they take away your old delivery bags to clean and reuse

a month ago
Adam Favrin

After having eaten their food for a week I can attest to what all other positive reviews are saying. Amazing and flavourful, time-saving and honestly not that expensive if you break it all down. It has been a tough few months with my surgery and being unable to use my arm (and therefore to cook) so this has been a blessing. I've recommended you guys to many people already!

a month ago
Jazmine Javier

I decided to order some Easy Mealz for my boyfriend and I to survive a crazy busy week (final exams and a move!!!). The options sounded tasty and the meals definitely delivered on that. The portion sizes are decent. The food is flavourful. This was the best decision I could’ve made to keep us nourished during such a stressful time. I’ve recommended to so many people already!

2 months ago
megan burgio

I’ve tried a couple of prepped meal delivery companies and this company is amazing! Prices are right, food is great with lots of variety and it’s just super easy when you don’t have the time to cook! Definitely recommend giving it a try if your someone short on time for cooking!

3 months ago
Mikayla Berneski

I have been super happy with my meals. I started off only with 5 meals and quickly switched to 10. The service has been amazing with easy and fast online chat. I love how I get so many updates on when my food is going to be delivered.

5 months ago
Christopher Bain

We ordered from Easy Mealz for the first time this past week. So far it has been a positive experience! We love that they are a local company. Delivery is great, as you get a notification of a relatively small window (about 2-3 hours) in which the meals will be delivered, and you also get a link to track the delivery vehicle in real time. The meals we've had so far have been good portions and tasty. We hope they keep this up and we'll continue to be customers!

5 months ago
Q Peters

I’ve tried a few meal kit programs but they didn’t work out because as a busy professional, I just don’t have the energy to cook a meal kit. Easy Mealz was an awesome solution to my problem. The prepared meals are tasty and does not require me to spend time cooking anything. Their communication is superb and the price is really really affordable on my budget. I hope they stay around for a long time I’ll definitely be a lifetime subscriber.

6 months ago





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