We Are Easy Mealz!

We Are Easy Mealz!

We Are Easy Mealz!

Easy Mealz is Toronto’s most affordable, premium meal delivery service. 

It’s simple - we provide you with fresh, healthy, restaurant quality meals to ease your busy schedule.

Our mealz are made to order by our chefs with quality local ingredients, helping you to feel your best. We deliver your mealz to your doorstep, allowing you to have a fully stocked fridge for the week. We make the stress and hassle of meal planning a thing of the past. No Shopping, No Prepping, No Clean up. It's as easy as reheating your food and serving.




We are on a mission to provide Toronto and GTA with cost-effective, healthy meals. We use the freshest ingredients and our meals are full of flavour. Our ingredients are locally sourced and we are dedicated to supporting other local businesses. In our efforts to #supportlocal and #shoplocal, we source our proteins from Ontario farmers. Our team heads out to the farmer’s market before each prep day to hand pick your fresh fruit and vegetables. We understand the importance of our supply chain and we are committed to supporting you with easy meal delivery and to supporting the surrounding communities and businesses. 



So, how does Easy Mealz work?

First, you select your mealz. You can choose from SEVEN mealz options, FIVE breakfast options and SEVEN On The Go options. We rotate 3 of our mealz every week so that you will never get bored! You can place a one time order or sign up for subscription. Subscription is the hassle free option - select your mealz for your first order and your future orders will automatically renew with default options weekly. It’s that EASY!

Next, it’s time to cook for the Easy Mealz team. Our chefs prepare your mealz with fresh and local produce. Our packing team assemble your mealz and package them ready for delivery #lemonsqueezy.

When food is ready to go, we are ready to deliver. We will deliver your order to your door on your chosen day (Sunday or Wednesday). You will receive a delivery sms with a time window, letting you know when to expect your delivery. When you receive your meals, it’s time to eat up! Your busy lifestyle will no longer get in the way when your fridge is stocked with Easy Mealz. Our packaging is microwave and oven friendly. Take off the plastic lid, reheat to your desired temperature and dig in.

Easy meal prep, done!




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