4 exercises for the spine to relieve pain in the region

4 exercises for the spine to relieve pain in the region

Staying in the same position for a long time, crouching down incorrectly when picking up objects from the floor, and sitting inappropriately in front of the computer are some harmful habits that can cause back pain.

In that case, it's very important to know some spine exercises that help relieve discomfort in the region. They should be done with the aim of strengthening this area, making the person develop a good posture in their daily lives.

In this post, we will present the main exercises for the spine. Check out!

1. Mobility in trunk rotation

Spine rotation exercises cause a reduction in muscle tone, reducing trunk rigidity and, therefore, making it possible to make more functional movements.

To perform this exercise, you need to lie on your side, align your palms, inhale, and exhale slowly, raising your upper arm to the other side.

With this, there is a rotation of the trunk, without misaligning the lower limbs. Finally, you need to inhale again and return to the starting position, exhaling through your mouth.

2. Bridge

The bridge is a type of activity that helps to improve physical conditioning, helping to strengthen the muscles of the back, especially the lower back.

In addition to being very simple to do, it still provides excellent results in the long term, preventing and treating pain in the spine.

To perform the exercise, stand on all fours, keep your forearms on the floor, and raise your knees and hips, keeping yourself in this static position. Contract your abs and buttocks and stay in the pose for about 40 seconds.

3. Curved row

The bent-over row is a multi-joint exercise that mobilizes the musculature of the forearm, arm, and dorsal region. Some of the main advantages of this type of activity are:

  • increased stabilization and balance during workouts;
  • increased volume in the dorsal region;
  • improvement in amplitude and strength production;
  • Improves functionality in general.

To practice, it is necessary to hold two dumbbells or a barbell in front of the body, leaving them aligned below the shoulder.

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, bend your knees slightly and bring your elbow back as you pull the dumbbells or barbell up to your belly button.

Begin the descent with your elbows extended and perform the movement in a controlled manner until your shoulder blades open. Do the repetitions according to the guidance of a professional.

4. Isometric plank

The abdominal plank is a simple and effective isometric exercise that works for several muscle groups in the body, helping to improve posture and general strengthening.

Some of the benefits are stability, healthy shoulders, and a strong back. To do this, in a plank position, place your toes and elbows on the floor so that your heels are aligned.

Stay in this position for about 40 seconds.

Now that you know the main spine exercises, know that it is very important to perform these activities with the help of a specialized professional to avoid injuries.

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