3 practices to take a successful low-carb diet

3 practices to take a successful low-carb diet

In a low-carb diet, only 40% or less of the calories in a day must be in form of carbohydrates. Please, pay attention to the rule: a low-carb diet is lower and not off in carbs. The ideal is to have more complex carbs, such as wild rice, and consume less refined carbs, such as rice, pasta, bread, wheat, sweets, sodas, and processed foods. 

By reducing refined carbs and increasing the consumption of complex ones, there is less amount of this macronutrient in the body, which avoids the fat increase. Besides that, this type of diet helps people who need to control their sugar blood, such as diabetic people. The reduction in carbohydrates also makes the body to use fat as a source of energy.

Check below 3 practices to take a successful low-carb diet:

Eat more fresh and seasonal foods; because industrialized foods have a large number of carbohydrates.

  1. Exclude alcohol intake, as 1ml of alcohol = 7 cal.

  2. Get in the habit of consuming good fats. Bacon fat is quite different from avocado fat 🙂

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Please, note: any diet, especially the restrictive ones, should be followed without a medical or dietician follow-up.

Low carb is a strategy and not a lifestyle. Following this practice for long periods is not indicated.

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