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Tired of hours in the kitchen? Enjoy a rotating 8-week menu of tasty, ready-to-eat meals delivered to your door. From slow-cooked favorites like beef bolognese to chili mac, we handle the culinary work so you can savor life's moments.

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What is the difference betwen meals?

Essentials meals

Designed as the standard size portion, it's perfectly suited for individuals or couples looking for a hassle-free dining solution.

Protein + meals

For those craving extra protein, flavor, and satisfaction, our servings are 50% larger than our Essentials meals. Perfect for active individuals, athletes, or anyone seeking to increase their protein and calorie intake without sacrificing taste.

Family meals

With our Family Size meals, serving 3-4 people, we strive to elevate these moments. Say goodbye to cooking stress and embrace what truly matters—cherishing quality time with loved ones.

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