Walking After Meals: The Simple Trick That Lowers Blood Glucose

Walking After Meals: The Simple Trick That Lowers Blood Glucose

To have a healthy life, physical activity is essential. For anyone, in any age group, whether they are diabetic or not. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest aggravators of diseases. But don't worry: it's not difficult to face a healthy routine. Small attitudes in your daily life can make a big difference in your health.

An Australian study published in the scientific journal Diabetes Care revealed that walking for 20 minutes after meals helps reduce glucose and insulin levels in the bloodstream.

Baker, a Professor at the Institute of Diabetes and Heart says that putting ourselves in motion causes the contraction of muscles and the consequent regulation of our metabolism. Something that doesn't happen when we're sitting, when our muscles don't work.

Another research, developed by the same Institute, revealed that people who watch TV for four hours or more a day were at greater risk of dying early.

In the new research, conducted with 19 overweight adults, doctors sought to investigate how prolonged sitting could affect the response to food intake.

What normally happens in our bodies is that after a meal, blood glucose levels increase: there is an increase in insulin production to help cells use sugar for energy or store it. And soon those levels start to drop.

The study showed that when the group of patients was standing and did some light activity, there was a decrease of about 24% in the increase in total blood glucose, compared to the group that remained seated. And the most surprising thing: in the practice of moderate to intense activity, the difference was even greater, almost 30%.

An important tip for those who want to face a healthier routine is to try to move, at least every 15 minutes, even if it's to take a break from the computer.

Food is an important factor for changes to happen in your life. Eating well has a lot to do with observing your own health, taking care of the choices of food and its origin, and very little with fancy diets followed without any follow-up from a qualified professional.

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