Wake up on the right foot!

Wake up on the right foot!

Snooze the alarm once. Goodbye again. Curl up in bed for a while. You get up, get dressed in comfortable clothes, and make that perfect cup of coffee to start your day. Family routine? Yeah, but something feels a little... weird.

Your morning routine, as beloved as it may seem, may not be giving you all the energy you really need to start your day off right.

Routines are made by habits. They bring us a sense of security and comfort during our days. While it's normal for routines to be pretty similar from day to day, they should be flexible enough to flow and change with you as your needs change.

Maybe your morning routine isn't bringing you as much joy as it could, and we're here to help you change that.

Start the day with some time for YOU.

1. After turning off your alarm, leave your cell phone alone

Many of us have the habit of touching our cell phones as soon as we wake up (it's almost always the first thing you do in the day, right?). In reality, those emails, texts, and social media feeds can probably (read: definitely) wait a little longer. Instead, take the time to do a 5-minute meditation, write in a journal, or say some positive affirmations while the day is still quiet.

2. Clean environment, organized mind

Whether it's making your bed or organizing your desk before work, starting your day in a clean and tidy space can boost your energy and better prepare you for the day.

3. Eat something you like – and that has good nutrients

We all have our favorite quick and easy breakfasts – always have them close at hand, but don't be afraid to venture into the kitchen. Be creative!

4. Move your body and change your mood

We are a wellness company, and it seems cliché to say that, but believe me: moving your body early will definitely bring you many benefits. Exercising in the morning helps you feel more energized, improves your focus, and boosts your energy for the day. It doesn't have to involve super sweaty cardio (unless that's what you enjoy doing) – it could be a relaxing yoga session or a walk too. Everything that is good for you, your body, and your mind, we will encourage you!

5. Organize your day

Plan and describe the goals you want to accomplish for the day. Be realistic about it! Having a to-do list will help you better allocate your time to completing your goals – and you won't focus so much on everything that needs to be done.

Have in mind…

Your morning routine is YOUR morning routine. Do what you think is best for you and don't be afraid to try new things - the important thing is that you feel good and confident throughout the day, and the way you start your day will definitely influence your mood!

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