Reading and Health: What Is the Relationship?

Reading and Health: What Is the Relationship?

Inserting reading habits into everyday life can guarantee a number of benefits for physical and emotional health. We know that it is not always easy to follow this practice, especially when we are constantly exposed to numerous external stimuli.

Who never started reading that long-awaited book and minutes later found themselves distracted scrolling through their Instagram feed? On the one hand, recent technologies have democratized access to various collections. But, on the other hand, they also made it difficult to focus and concentrate during this activity. Want to know more about it? Keep reading!

Benefits of reading

There are countless advantages to investing in reading: in addition to providing the expansion of the cultural repertoire, the practice also helps in our cognitive development, helps in writing, improves comprehension, stimulates critical thinking, and, of course, exercises our brain.

A survey carried out with more than three thousand participants by the journal Social Science and Medicine revealed that individuals who read daily have at least 2 years more life expectancy than those who do not include the habit in their routine. Still, it was found that reading can prevent a number of diseases, such as Alzheimer's. That's because practice ensures dynamism, activating brain functions, the connection between our nerve cells, and the preservation of our mental abilities. And it doesn't stop there, the act can still guarantee:

The expansion of creativity

It is almost impossible to read a book without imagining yourself within the story or without trying to personify its participants. It's as if we can immerse ourselves in that reality, in that time, and in the lives of each of the characters. All of this makes our sense of creativity flourish and develop more and more.

The expansion of vocabulary

When reading any type of content you come across countless new words. In books, mainly, there is a mixture of several literary styles, which guarantees an expansion of its vocabulary collection.

The stimulus to thought

The habit of reading gives us access to other ways of seeing the world, which ends up triggering deep reflections. In this way, we are able to detach ourselves from common sense, stimulating critical thinking and an analytical look.

Reducing stress and mental fatigue

Reading involves a number of brain processes. To ensure the success of this activity, concentration and focus is required. When we are in tune with what we are reading, we are able to entertain ourselves, ensuring a reduction in stress and an increase in feelings of relaxation and pleasure.

How to begin?

If you have difficulties implementing this task in your routine, some tips can be extremely useful. You don't have to start with a very intense pace: the secret is not quantity, but consistency. Start:
  • Reading something you like;
  • Stipulating a fixed time for reading;
  • Inviting someone special to try this habit with you;
  • Asking your friends for book recommendations;
  • Trying to read at least 5 pages a day;
  • Creating a reading schedule.

We know that sometimes it is really difficult to focus on this activity, mainly because reading requires a certain dedication and concentration. Eating better can help you in this task!

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