A Sweet Reminder for Mother’s Day

A Sweet Reminder for Mother’s Day

“When a child is born, a mother is born too”. With the baby's arrival a reformulation of the roles and rules in the family activities is needed to be set as the arrival of a new member naturally increases family tension. For that reason, it is important to know to adapt to the new routine and to offer support for the new mom.

As soon as the baby is born, all the attention and care go to them and we ended up forgetting to ask how the mommy is, if she is ok, and if she needs anything. It’s totally normal if she gets a little fragile since childbirth, as the maternity is not as lovely as people like to say and the puerperium hormones are a lot in her body.

For those that would like to help, but do not know how, it’s important to have some conscience regarding their real contribution to the new family. It’s not the time for a long visit or for giving opinions. If you really would like to help them, the best way is to ask how you could do that. Some families need help with daily activities, such as cleaning the house, taking care of the old children, doing the groceries, or even cooking. 

Here at Easy Mealz, we can help with meal prep by sending fresh meals, with no refined sugar, no filler, or preservatives to this mom and her family and we also guarantee to leave their meals right at their door. 

If you know a pregnant woman or someone that just had a new baby, we are sure that this will be a sweet reminder for her about your help and care in this beautiful and delicate moment.

We have weekly deliveries and you just need to create an account with your personal information to create a meal plan. If you’d like, you can even add the mommy’s information like her phone number and her address so she can get all information about her next delivery. 🙂 

Maternity is not the time to do crazy diets! The new mommy needs to get some good nutrition to feed her baby, and for that moment, the Regular meal plan is a perfect option. 

This is about love, support, and contribution. 

The Easy Mealz Team wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day! ♥ 

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