3 Natural Immune System Boosters

3 Natural Immune System Boosters

It’s important to support your immune system now more than ever!

Here are some easy and healthy habits to consider during these winter months to boost your immune system naturally:

Eat The Rainbow

Eating a good amount of fruit and veg of all different colours will encourage a stronger immune system!

It is well known you can find so much Vitamin C in fruit and vegetables. Vitamin C protects our immune system, helps fight infection and reduces inflammation. There are so many reasons to eat a colourful plate, full of veg and fruit

Our Penne Bolognese is packed with 7 different veggies and our other weekly meals all come with an assortment of colourful veggies and plenty of greens.

That’s veggies sorted, Easy Mealz can also provide you with your fruit for the week! If you’re looking for a convenient way to stock up on vibrant fruit, add our Fresh Fruit Basket to your next Easy Mealz order.


Think Of Your Gut

Recently, gut health has been brought to our attention as we see it work as one of our body’s most important defence systems! Our gut will block out and fight any unwanted bugs from making you sick. How else can we boost our immune system? When focusing on the gut, focus on Vitamin A! Vitamin A helps maintain the structure of cells in your gut.

Here are some of the most Vitamin A-rich foods and where to find a few of them on the Easy Mealz menu:

Eggs - Veggie Egg Bites and Turkey Breakfast Wrap

Oily Fish


Nuts and Seeds


Tofu - Easy Mealz Weekly Rotating Vegan Meal has Tofu options!

Veggies like carrots, contain beta-carotene, which our bodies naturally convert to vitamin A. You’ll find carrots in The Easy Meal (Penne Bolognese) and The Clean 15. And again, watch out for all of the colourful veggies that appear on our menu in our weekly rotating meals!


Zinc it up!

Zinc is an important mineral that helps cell growth and repair is a major antioxidant (much like our friend Vit C)!

You’ll find zinc in many of our Easy Mealz, as we use lean proteins that have a good amount of zinc. Look at our chicken and beef meals for your zinc and you’ll also find it in smaller amounts in beans and lentils. Our El Plato Completo is featured every week and beans are a star side in this dish!

#itslemonsqueezy to boost your immune system with Easy Mealz.

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