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Essential - Ground Beef - Chilli Mac and Cheese

865 Cal
100 Carbs
31 Fat
48 Proteins

Ground Beef Chilli with Mac & Cheese Pasta

Ground Beef Chilli with Mac & Cheese Pasta

Herb - Oregano - Dried, Beans - Kidney, Macaroni pasta, Beef Broth - Prepared, Cheddar , Garlic - Minced, Cilantro - Fresh, Mozzarella - Cheese, Oil - Olive, Onion - Yellow, Parsley - Bunch - Fresh, Pepper - Jalepeno - Raw, Pepper - Hot, Red - Raw, Salt - Coarse - Kosher, Spice - Chili Powder, Spice - Cumin - Ground, Spice - Pepper - Black - Ground, Tomato - Crushed - Canned, Tomato - Diced - Canned, Ground Beef lean, Spice - Paprika - Smoked

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